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Model railroad scale relates to the ratio of the model to its real life counterpart. HO scale (sometimes referred to as HO gauge) is 1:87 scale. That means the model is 87 times smaller than the same train in real life. Another way to look at it is 1 foot as we know it equals 87 feet in HO scale.

Standard Gauge vs Narrow Gauge:

The gauge of a model railroad, as with the real life counterpart, refers to the distance between the rails. Standard gauge is 4 feet, 8 1/2 inches between the rails. In HO scale, the distance between the rails is a scale 4' 8-1/2". For HOn3 scale modeling, the 'n3' portion indicates there is a scale 3' between the rails (known also as 3 foot gauge).

Most of the members of “Near Sighted Narrow Gaugers” model the narrow gauge lines which ran through Colorado's mountainous terrain from the late 1800s and well into the 1900s. Colorado is renowned for its 3' narrow gauge lines which allowed for snaking along narrow ridges and deep canyons requiring smaller radius curves. Famous narrow gauge railroads included the Colorado & Southern, Denver, South Park & Pacific, Denver & Rio Grande Western, and the Rio Grande Southern. Some of the smaller narrow gauge lines running through Colorado are the Colorado Central, Denver, Boulder & Western, and the Florence & Cripple Creek. There was even a small branch of 3' narrow gauge line running on the Crystal River Railroad west of Aspen, CO.

Who we are:

Our backgrounds reflect the breadth of this amazing hobby. We come together from the worlds of engineering, the arts, computer sciences, education and teaching, construction, history and literature, management and railroading among others. This diversity allows for exchanging skills and broadening individual interests to meet the challenges that are presented through model railroading. Jacob’s artistic eye helps Jerry landscape his home layout; Jon, the electrician, helps Mike and Larry wire their track on their new Free-Mo module; Fuzzy, the mechanic, fixes Carl’s locomotive so the engine's “chuffs” match the wheel revolutions; and Duncan, the retired teacher, gives a workshop on the history of the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad.

About the Near Sighted Narrow Gauge (NSNG) Club:

Our club includes almost 30 active members, primarily based in the South Denver, Colorado metro area. Some members live in other cities and towns such as Durango, Salida, Colorado Springs, and Lubbock, TX. Members enjoy focusing on developing model railroad layouts in our homes. Other members create “Free-Mo” free-standing modules which are linked together at local and regional train shows where we can run trains across modules for public display, promoting the hobby and showcasing our modeling skills. Some especially energetic members create both a home layout and Free-Mo modules.

Although most members of the club model in HOn3, we have some O-scalers, and some HO standard gauge modelers. A couple of members even have interest in garden railroading. We are always looking for new members. Anyone of any age with a passion for fun, sharing skills and collegiality around trains, train history and/or model railroading is welcome to become a member of the club. No model railroading experience is necessary, and you don't even have to be an HOn3 modeler (although we'll do everything we can to convert you!).

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Near Sighted Narrow Gaugers at the Sherman Hill Model Train Show - May 2021:

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