Near Sighted Narrow Gaugers has created the only HOn3 modular style layout standards using much of the design considerations for Free-Mo modules. Free-Mo style modules developed out of the desire to design and build module layouts that could be oriented in almost any direction and without any logical restriction on the module size. The only restrictions for Free-Mo style modules is the height of the module, location of the track(s) at the end plate, and standard electrical connections to connect module sets to one another. The design of a Free-Mo module allows for the module set to be rotated 180 degrees and still be able to connect to any other Free-Mo module of the same design.

Free-Mo module building was also designed to heavily incorporate prototypical railroad operations on the layout. While many train clubs that display at shows run their trains in circles for hours on end, operators on Free-Mo modules run their trains for a purpose; picking up and delivering cars to various industries along the layout as the real railroads do.

The HOn3 Free-Mo modules this club has built take this to the next level; incorporating mountainous scenery, high levels of detail, and best of all, narrow gauge railroading. The club has exhibited at numerous shows since we developed our HOn3 Free-Mo standards in 2009, and we have never had the same layout twice. Technically, we can exhibit with one or two module sets, but we've constructed a layout with as many as twelve module sets. The modules can be set up to fit in a space as tight at 10' x 20' or as large as we have enough modules to fill. The largest space the club has set up in was 50' x 50'.

See pictures of our various modular layouts in the photos section.

Any modeler wishing to obtain a copy of our HOn3 Free-Mo standards document is welcome to download it. Below is the current standards document with all of the latest updates. Click on the Pop-out button at the upper right to open the document into its own tab or window. It can be downloaded from there.